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May 2018 - we are working on new solutions for busy workshops - multi. We aim to increase the productivity by up 50%. Watch this space or Facebook

November 2017 - Due to an increase in price by our manufacture and the falling value of pound we had to increase our prices. Please see the new Price List above.

If you would like to lease our spraybooths, contact Alliance and General on  Leasing is a perfect solution for any growing business - 100% tax

deductible, you pay for the booth in easy weekly or monthly installments as you business grow and earn more money. Plus you benefit from much better and safer working environment.  With the right equipment you work will be more effective and professional.

Welcome to FIRAT Automotive Spray Booths UK Distibutor!



We are very proud to introduced FIRAT spray booths to the UK market. Our painting and drying booths are already market leaders in Turkey and an established brand in countries such Germany and France. All our ovens are full downdraft solutions, as standard. This will guarantee you energy-savings, higher productivity and enhanced performance. Check them out!

What is different about FIRAT spray booths?
  1. All our spray booths have full downdraft filtration system which provides the cleanest possible finish. The clean air (prefiltered) is blown in through the ceiling and extracted through the floor. Therefore the air travels in shortest distance at greatest speed, providing the fastest clearance time and safer working environment. See a video of a smoke test performed in our FBK MNB 8000 to see for yourself

  2. No need to dig!! All spray booths for car and vans (up to 8 meters long) come as standard with metal base and ramp.

  3. LED lighting, four-leaf door, touch screen control panel, side entrance are all included in the price.

  4. We produce all the panels and elements in our factory so we can ensure the quality of the components and significantly reduce our costs. This saving can be passed on to you.

  5. We will work with you all the way and ensure that any issues are resolved promptly.

Ok, so you made the decision to invest in your workshop and buy a new spray booth. It might be your first one or with increased demand you are looking to expand your business. You still have the same aim: to get the best for your money. You want a product that is efficient, reliable, safe, easy to use, cheap to run and provides best and cleanest working environment. How do you make sure you are making the right choose? What to look for?

When it come to cars, we know their types, how they differ and what are their advantages and disadvantages. We know how to asses them, looking at the engine size, power and fuel consumption. With spray booths, it is similar.

First let’s look at the different types:

  1. SMART booths - this are the cheapest one, often with just plastic covers or nothing on the sides, which offer very minimum protection and separation of the painting area. The structure is very basic and often materials used are of poor quality. The control of the working environment is very limited. The air flow will be very weak and uneven. There is no insulation to prevent heat loss. Therefore they are more expensive to run and poses higher risk of contamination.

  2. Semi draught - with air flowing from the top and extracted at the back or side. The construction is solid with insulated panels (most of the time) and proper circulation of the air. However the air flow is uneven through the booth when you have the car in the middle of it.

  3. Down draught - this is most often the equivalent of the A class car. You get a solid steel structure with insulated panels. The air flow is even and powerful all the way through the booth, thank to the air travelling from top to the bottom. It also perform the fastest  when it come to the air clearance time, so you get minimum exposure and best environment to work in. Also with fully insulated panels they are more energy efficient.


Next we should have a look at the structure of the booth and the quality of panels. What you want is good metal framework with fully insulated panels, including the roof. If the booth is well insulated, the efficiency increase and you can save on the running costs of the booth. For safety is also good to investigate, what material is used for insulation. It is also important to look carefully at the panel’s coating. It becomes more common to use electrostatically applied powder coating, which creates perfect and durable finish.

The most important function of the booth is to clean the air fast and efficiently. You want to minimase exposure to hazardous vapours and clean the air as fast as possible. Normally the companies give the air flow capability of their spray booths, and as you would expected the higher the better. For the performance the type of fan used is very important. The strongest and most effective ones are the industrial centrifugal fan, but often manufacturers opt for the cheaper axial fans.

We all know that we can not assess a product just by price, as quite often a cheapest product is a false economy. It is not as efficient, effective and long-lasting  as we would like and we end up spending more on running it, it won’t allow us to get the best performance and we might need to replace it sooner than we think. However, hopefully now you know what to look at, when choosing a spray booth and get the best product for your workshop.


What to look for in a spray booth
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