Installation of Firat spray booths

There are three options for an installation of our spray booths:

  • we can install it for you - we bring an expert technician from Turkey, who will help to ensure everything is installed properly. We are also training new technicians and building a servicing team, which will be able to assist you will all maintenance and servicing needs. The average installation time for FBK 6000 is three days. The average price of an installation is £3000 (+VAT), however this may vary depending of your location and site survey. We offer a warranty for labour and parts.

  • you can find an independent installer - there are other companies, which can install it for you. However, we doubt you will find anyone cheaper. Plus we can't offer you a warranty if someone else installs it.

  • you can install it yourself - if you looking to save some money, you can install yourself. Our spray booths are relatively easy to assemble, you will receive a manual and we can assist you over the phone. Also you can hire our technician by the hour for some help (subject to availability). However, it will take much longer, so in the end you might not save as much. In UK we had one self-installation so far and it went really well. See more details below.

Firat's first installation in the UK - Revive! Basingstoke

FBK 6000 with extra side lights and fully grated floor


Revive! Basingstoke specialize in first class mobile and SMART car repairs. Highly trained and experienced team delivers top quality service at the customers convinience. Due to high demands they needed to expand their workshop and speed up processes - our FBK 6000 was just what they needed.

"I was very positively surprise with the quality of the materials and components. Firat team was very friendly and helpful" - Michal Lepiarz

BPS Commercial Ltd - Uttoxeter

FBK MNB 7000

BPS Commercial is a family run business which delivers various services including body works. Very friendly and hard working team.

"Great, decent size oven. Brilliant lighting!" - Dave

Hopfield Auto Repairs - Iver

FBK 7000, FBK MNB 8000 and a Mixing Room

Hopfield Auto Repairs open it's second workshop in Iver to fulfill demands of a new contract.  They process around 40 cars a week, both spray booths are in constant use and performing very well. We are looking forward working with them again.

"Excellent equipment for our new workshop" - Pikaj

SELF - INSTALLATION by Liberty Auto Works - Rotherfield

FBK 6000

Newly set up independent workshop in a beautiful location. We were highly impressed with their ability to completely install the whole spray booth. Great Work!

"The spray booth is really good, I would recommend it . Self-installation was ok, but took longer than I expected" - Jim

Emergency One (UK) - Cumnock, Scotland

FBK MNB 8000

Emergency One (UK) is the UK's leading manufacturer of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Vehicles and Appliances. They are committed to delivering the highest in product quality, durability, reliability, safety, innovation, service, training and after-sales support. Safety and quality is their top priority and that is why they have chosen Firat Spray Booth.

"Very good quality and such a great deal" - Willie

Autowise Ltd - East London

FBK 6000

Autowise Ltd is an independent workshop, which thank to its excellent work and service had big increase in demand and therefore needed expand. The customer has a purposed build shed for the spray booth outside the workshop as there was not enough space inside. Working well.